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About Us


CC of Newton, NJ is a licensed Classical Conversations Community which meets weekly during the school year. Being a part of a like-minded and committed community provides parents and students encouragement, fellowship, and accountability. In a community, parents build relationships with experienced homeschoolers who can offer advice and compassion. 


Positive Peer Pressure

Students build lasting relationships with their peers. This creates a safe place for practicing speaking skills and discussing big ideas. Knowing that others will see their work motivates students to do their very best on assignments and helps them learn to manage their time in order to meet deadlines. Students also encourage one another to meet high academic expectations. 


Trained Tutors

Trained parent-tutors model skills and facilitate activities that give students opportunities to practice skills.  Young children enjoy learning in a group setting. They get to play games with the memory work and cooperate on science projects. They have the opportunity to learn to take turns speaking and practicing “loving your neighbor” by listening when your peer speaks or by waiting your turn.  Parents also enjoy learning from the tutor. 

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